We are now accepting 2014 Membership applications. Please download the PARC Membership Form here and give updated information to Barry, VE3BLM.

PARC Meetings

Next PARC Meeting: Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 at 7:30 pm

Peterborough Amateur Radio Club meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of each month at Adam Scott Collegiate Vocational Institute in Room 131 at 7:30 pm. Adam Scott is located at 175 Langton St,Peterborough. Access to meeting room can be made by using the southern most doors of the south parking lot off of Hilliard St., which is between the school and the school's Athletic field. All amateurs including anyone interested in becoming an Amateur radio operator are welcomed to attend PARC meetings.

PARC/Adam Scott Radio Club Basic Level Course

Spring 2014

2014 Basic Level Graduates

Congratulations to 2014 Graduates.(from the left) VA3NSE - Shirley Newman-Jones, VA3ITW - Tony Warr,VA3CGB - Corey Ball and Richard Hill (not shown) for obtaining their Basic + Amateur Radio License.

The Peterborough Amateur Radio Club along with the Adam Scott Amateur Radio Club is again implementing the Basic Level Amateur Radio course in Spring 2015. If there are enough participants, the Basic License Course will run at ASCVI and is open to anyone wishing to prepare for the Amateur Radio License examination. The cost for the course is free to PARC members plus the Study Guide Book. Classes run from 7:00 pm till 9:00 pm on Monday evenings in Room 131 and run for 12 weeks in total. Examination will be written June 22nd. Note that examinations can be scheduled to be written at anytime through any Industry Canada Accredited Examiner. Please email VE3EMA if you are interested in registering. Coax Publications' "Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide" is used in this course. A minumum of six particpants are required to run this course.

CANWARN Training

Thursday May 22th, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Peterborough Public Library, 345 Aylmer St. North.

Listen to Ward Kennedy, the coordinator of Canwarn for south central Ontario on CBS radio.

Facebook Group

PARC Facebook Group

The new Facebook group is for all to have some fun, exchange ideas thoughts and images of your triumphs and fun on the air, projects, photos of your shack or if you see a band opening or know of a special station let us know. Come on in and join the group.

Bill 118

Thursday May 5th, 2011 at 7:00 pm

Click here to read eBill 118

"No person shall drive a motor vehicle on a highway while holding or using a hand-held wireless communication device or other prescribed device that is capable of receiving or transmitting telephone communications, electronic data, mail or text messages."

"a person may drive a motor vehicle on a highway while using a device described [above] if the person is not holding the device ... [or] if all of the following conditions are met:"

1. The motor vehicle is off the roadway or is lawfully parked on the roadway.

2. The motor vehicle is not in motion.

3. The motor vehicle is not impeding traffic.

Bill, VE3MEW has been actively soliciting RAC and MPP Jeff Leal to have Amateur Radio Operators exempted from this new Law as has been done in other provinces. Here is Bill's letter to Minister of Transportation for Ontario, Honourable Kathleen Wynne. This is MPP Jeff Leal's letter to Minister of Transportation for Ontario, Honourable Kathleen Wynne.

VE3PBO Repeater

Click Here to access the Repeater webpage.

The new Sinclair 2M 2 dipole antenna was successfully installed June 29th, 2009. Early signal reports showed a significant improvement in performance over the "backup" antenna installed in January. The backup antenna will remain in place in case of failure of the new antenna and for the 220 Mhz link. Click here for photos from the top of the Water Tower taken during the new antenna installation.

2014 Field Day

Click Here to access the Field Day webpage.

This year's event will once again be at Newhall Park. As with Rogers Cove, Newhall Park will provide plenty of trees to hang antennas, shade and a beach to cool off.

PL Breakfast - Nichols Oval Restaurant

Next PL Breakfast is May 22nd, 2012 at 9:30 am.

The PL breakfast is held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Nichols Oval Restaurant on Parkhill Rd just east of the Inverlea bridge. This location is also served by the city bus (Nichols Park route). There is plenty of parking at the back and you can use the back door.

Saturday Breakfast - Nichols Oval Restaurant

Every Saturday morning after the 8:30 am Technical net on VE3PBO

Nichols Oval Restaurant on Parkhill Rd just east of the Inverlea bridge. This location is also served by the city bus (Nichols Park route). There is plenty of parking at the back and you can use the back door.

Fox Hunts

Next Fox Hunt: Sunday, April 29th, 2012 at 1:30 pm

PARC Fox Hunts are usually held once a month starting on top of Armour Hill in Peterborough. Tune up on VE3PBO (146.625-) and then switch to Simplex (146.580) to find the FOX. The minimal equipment required is a two meter Handi. The vehicle traveling the shortest distance wins. There is no rush as time is not a factor. All are welcome.

The last Quinte Amateur Radio Club Tour of the County fox hunt was May 5th, 2012.

PARC Christmas Dinner at the Carousel

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

We are returning to the Carousel again for our Christmas Dinner. Dinner starts at 7:00pm Please contact Mary, VE3JTM if you are attending.


Other Past and Upcoming PARC Involved Activities
Volunteers are always needed!

2013 - 2014


June 28th - 29th, 2014 Field Day at Newhall Park Contact Terry, VA3MTT
August 12th, 2009 OPG Evacuation Exercise at SSFC
August 16th - 19th, 2012 Tour For Kids Contact TBD
Oct. 5th, 2013 Head of the Trent Contact Barry, VE3BLM
Oct. 6th, 2013 Run for the Cure Contact Rick, VA3RZS
Oct. 19th - 20th, 2013 Jamboree On The Air Contact TBD
December 15th, 2013 Annual Christmas Dinner at the Carsouel,7:00pm Contact Mary, VE3JTM
February 14th, 2012 Valentine's Dinner at the Carousel,7:00pm Contact Mary, VE3JTM
May 5th, 2012 YWCA Freedom Walk Contact TBD
May 25th, 2014 Walk for MS Contact Barry, VE3BLM
May 25th, 2014 Walk for Dog Guides Contact Barry, VE3BLM